Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Our full complement of microfabrication facilities allows LLNL's Neural Technologies Group to build human-quality devices for clinical applications.

The flagship certified class 100 clean room facility (approximately 4000 sq. ft.) contains a dedicated medical device foundry. All dedicated equipment is strictly controlled to prevent use of non-biocompatible materials and serviced under a regular schedule, unlike other industry foundries and academic facilities. We have been fortunate to receive significant capital equipment investment over the past few years to completely refresh and re-tool our facilities. As a result of our dedicated facilities and advanced processing skillset, we are uniquely positioned to build devices through advanced prototyping and into human clinical studies.

This facility is equipped with:

  • deposition tools for polymers, metals, and dielectrics;
  • photolithography and patterning tools;
  • tools for wet and dry etching of polymers, metals, and dielectrics;
  • integration and assembly tools for electronics, hermetic feedthroughs, and encapsulation; and
  • metrology tools for SEM/EDX, FTIR, surface and optical profilometry, ellipsometry, etc.

A characterization lab used for neural interface characterization; electrode and sensor development; and electrical, chemical, and mechanical lifetime testing. We are capable of using Good Medical Practices (GMP) to ensure neural interfaces are contamination-free and certifiable for chronic implantation.

In addition, we have access to the full range of LLNL's technologies including machine shops, electronics shops, high-resolution metrology centers, additive manufacturing and 3D printing tools, metal joining labs, and polymer fabrication facilities.